National LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy Oversight Committee

Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre is represented on the National LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy Oversight Committee. Through this committee, we work to ensure that strategy is fully implemented and that government departments and public bodies are held to account for both the speed of and approach to implementation.

It comprises representatives from key government departments and public bodies along with NGOs, particularly those representing LGBTI+ people. The Committee reviews the implementation of the actions contained in the Strategy and agrees on indicators for monitoring progress toward the fulfillment of outcomes. The Strategy is a living document and in this regard, the Committee assesses whether or not further action is required on specific issues, in addition to making recommendations on actions to be added or changed in response to evolving priorities.

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The National LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy 2019 - 2021

Publication date: 28 November 2019

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