Lot 231 – Derick Smith – Light Be With Me

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I am a visual artist working primarily on canvas but also with sculpture and more recently, street art. Having studied in both the U.K, the U.S, and having lived in Italy, Germany and France, questions of place of origin and belonging naturally arose and are present as a subtext to many of my projects. I consider painting or sculpture from the point of view of expectations and then try to play with these. To do so I explore the properties and behaviour of materials as an analogous simulation and investigation into contemporary life. The tone is playful rather than austere, partially as a counterpoint to the severity and complexity of the political, socio-economic and environmental concerns with which we are confronted daily. My work is offered up as a space to pause, reflect, and to bring to light one's own expectations and ultimately, it is hoped, as a means of healing This particular piece attempts to subvert the canvas as window idea by escaping from the confines of the rigid square or rectangular and flowing along the wall

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Acrylic on canvas