About Outhouse

Outhouse is a community and resource centre for LGBT people, their families, and friends.


Our vision is of a vibrant and safe space for LGBT people, groups & organisations that is inclusive of the diversity within our communities.


Our mission is to provide a safe space which facilitates & encourages the growth of services & supports to the LGBT communities.


In all of our work, we are guided by principles of community, equality & partnership.

The primary goal of Outhouse is to offer a safe space for people to inform, meet, organise and make things happen. Outhouse is very often the first point of contact for people into the LGBT World and also the place in which lots of groups and organisations have started off in.

The building is owned by and held in trust (registered Charity) for, the LGBT community by a company that is limited by guarantee.

Outhouse staff and Board encourage wide participation, both in the use and running of the centre.

Since doors opened in 1997, the focus was on providing information, a safe drop-in space, and café, as well as meeting spaces and support facilities for individuals and groups. Throughout our years of development, this focus has remained central. Whatever the type of support, be it entirely social or sport, or be it around coming out, ageing or alcohol, the staff, Board and volunteers have always seen that the role of Outhouse is to provide space for the community to develop and flourish.

Our Staff

Oisín O'Reilly - CEO 

Vacant - Operations & Development Manager

Leeanne Fagan & Em MurphyReception, Information & Signposting
reception@outhouse.ie  / info@outhouse.ie 

Edita Balogoba  - Cafe Staff

Sarah Flanagan - Venue Administration  

Myriam Hooper - Marketing

Martin McCann - Deputy Marketing

Martin McCann & Francis Fay
Evening & Weekend Reception

Board of Directors

The role of the Outhouse Board is one of Governance and Strategic Planning. The Board does not get involved in the detail of the day-to-day operations of the Centre save in relation to its legal responsibilities. The Board ensures that the organisation has a clear mission, vision, aims and strategy and ensures that the organisation is well managed.

There are three Sub-Committees of the Outhouse Board of Directors:
- Finance, Audit and Risk
- Human Resources
- Nominations
For current Directors vacancies see www.boardmatchireland.ie



Funding & Governance.

Outhouse Financial Statements 2021
Outhouse Financial Statements 2020
Outhouse Financial Statements 2019 
Outhouse Financial Statements 2018
Outhouse Financial Statements 2017

"Within these walls
We expect to be treated with consideration and kindness.
We expect our persons, our property and our opinions to be respected.
We expect to be free from violence and the threat of violence.
We expect our disagreements to be resolved with sensitivity and good will.
In return, we are expected to be considerate and kind. To respect the persons, property and opinion of others. To behave nonviolently
To display sensitivity and goodwill in resolving disagreements.
Within these walls, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of conduct and social interaction.
We strive to make of this place a haven free of the ills and abuses we find outside it"

-Robert Woodworth


Cafe Hours
Mon - Fri: 10am - 3pm

Signposting & Information
Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm


Signposting & Information at
01 873 4999
Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm.

All staff emails will be answered.
For general queries, please email info@outhouse.ie.

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