DJ Skills Workshop with Western Girls, Wednesday 22nd June, 8pm

Western Girls are hosting a beginners DJ skills workshop in Outhouse

In the Theatre 

Attendees will learn how to use a set of decks and a mixer, well as get inside tips for gigs; how to set up; what's super important, and what's not worth the stress. This course will be a practical one and everyone will get the opportunity to give the decks a spin and share their tunes in a friendly, encouraging and low-pressure environment.

Western Girls, in spite of the name, have no particular decidation to any genre, or gender. Basically, anything goes. If you want to play it, we want to hear it, and think it should be heard. Whether it's pure power pop or deep underground cuts, passionately believe the DJ scene needs diversity and the unexpected to thrive.

Attendees will receive a guide in advance on how to prepare and what to bring. We will also offer the option to sign up for a guest DJ slot at a future Western Girls club party. 

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