Safe Space (LGBT+ Asylum Seeker, Refugee & Migrant) Peer Support Group

The groups allows participants to explore the intersections of their experiences, and utilise peer support techniques.

Safe Space facilitates a male and female group and both groups also have non-binary participants. Safe Space is participant-led where the participants meet first and have a brainstorming session inviting the participants to outline their priorities for the next Safe Space sessions. 

The emphasis is on peer support, safety, self-determination, self-organisation, self-expression and cohesiveness and these are offered to participants as the overarching themes for Safe Space.

Safe Space is held on the first Saturday of every month from 1pm to 4pm:
June 3,  July 1

Included in these sessions are topics including: 

  • Emotional management and positive thinking: The group learn about healthy forms of emotional expression/management and CBT techniques to challenge negative thinking. 
  • Communication styles, assertiveness and self-esteem: The group learn about unhealthy and unhelpful communication styles such as aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive styles and the theoretical and practical approaches towards assertiveness. 
  • Sexuality and sexual health: The group explore attitudes towards their sexuality and sexual orientation, internalised homophobia, safe sex practices and available sexual health services.
  • Relationships and boundaries: The group explore the features of healthy and unhealthy relationships, the importance of the relationship to self and spirituality, and healthy boundaries. 
  • Expressive Art & Fun

During each session, participants are invited to relate the material to their lived experiences and to feed back on the effectiveness of the material to ensure that Safe Space remained relevant to the needs of the group. 

John Paul O’Brien (Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Group Facilitator), who facilitates the male Safe Space group, said:

“Everything starts in safety. My sense is that Safe Space delivers on its name. Participants feel safe in this space and in feeling safe they have the possibility to open up. Open up about the truth of their lives, past and present. Open up to all the resilience and resources needed to overcome hardship, lack and limitation. The participants possess this resilience and these resources and so much more. The group is alive with talent, heart and potential.

 There is something special about Safe Space. There is a special synergy created by participants that is hard to capture in words. I am inspired by their commitment and touched by their gratitude. It is a privilege for me to facilitate and accompany this group on their journey.”

How can people join Safe Space?

People can join Safe Space by contacting Outhouse at or calling us at 01 873 4999 and we then arrange transport to the group meetings (for participants that may need it) and a light lunch on the day of the meeting. We want to make Safe Space as accessible as possible.


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