Prom Night Film: Casting Call

Queer filmmaker from Derry, Sarah Gwynne, plans to cast and follow the stories of a few people who are attending this event for a short documentary about LGBTQ+ experiences of prom. This will be a warm and celebratory exploration of LGBT+ voices in Ireland. Sarah will be filming with a small handheld documentary camera throughout the event with an assistant. If you, for any reason, would like Sarah to make sure to avoid you in the background of shots, just give her a tap on the shoulder & let her know - she can avoid you in shots and ensure that everyone is comfortable at this event and it remains a safe space for everyone. You can also contact Sarah directly if you have any questions.

About Bealtaine 2024 Prom Night:

Welcome to ‘Prom Night’, an LGBTQ+ specific celebration for those who may not have been able to participate in this event at a younger age with the partner of their choice. Hosted at Street 66, in association with Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre, prepare to dance the night away under the glitter ball with some incredible performances, photo booth, cabaret, and DJ sets.

About the film:

Sarah is a queer filmmaker keen to direct a short documentary film about the LGBTQ+ experience of prom. Following a few people attending the upcoming Prom Night event on Thurs 16th May, Sarah would love to hear from and cast a few people to share their stories while getting ready for and attending the Prom event. From getting ready for prom to the meaning of having a safe space and showcasing the queer joy and celebration that comes with an event like this - it's expected to be a warm and thoughtful representation of a variety of voices and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland. 

How to get involved:

If you would like to speak to Sarah about your experience and are open to considering being part of the short documentary, you can get in touch with her directly at to have a quick chat and see if it would be the right fit for you. It would be great to hear from those in older age brackets and/or couples in particular to show a diverse range of voices through the film, but Sarah is keen to hear from everyone. This film will be shared online and submitted to festivals. Thanks in advance for your consideration!

About Sarah:

Sarah Gwynne (she/they) is a Belfast-based documentary filmmaker from Derry. Sarah works as an Assistant Producer on broadcast television, making documentaries on a range of topics for broadcasters such as BBC and Amazon Prime. She is passionate about meaningful intersectional representation in media, focussing on telling nuanced stories through everyday people. Her first short doc, SUSIE BLUE, was shortlisted at 5 international film festivals, including GAZE in Dublin. She enjoys contributing to small independent documentary projects alongside her work in broadcast TV. 

[Link to SUSIE BLUE]


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