The ABC’s of LGBTQ+ Workshop, June 20th, 6 pm

The ABCs of LGBTQ+ is a fun and interactive learning session that offers a comprehensive overview of LGBTQ+ identity, terminology, and allyship.

Shoutout runs the workshop, which will take place at Outhouse on June 20th, as of the Outhouse Pride 2022, a series of events that happens a week before the Dublin Pride Parade and integrates the Dublin Pride calendar.

The event is addressed to the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. Everyone can learn something here!

Topics addressed by this session include:

  • LGBTQ+ inclusion through education
  • LGBTQ+ terminology and theory
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Further explanation on trans, non-binary, and intersex identities
  • Gender-neutral language and pronouns
  • Steps we can all take as allies
  • Q&A session.

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