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The deadline for artwork submissions is Friday, 6th October, 2023.

The timed online art auction will run over 2 days on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November. Email for more info.

Artist Application Form for Arthouse 2023
This form is for donating art for consideration in the Arthouse 2023 fundraising auction in aid of Outhouse LGBTQ+ Centre.
* Only one artwork allowed per form entry
* Only 4 form entries will be allowed per person
* Artworks must be available in physical form (i.e. not digital)
Email will be kept private
Phone Number will be private

Artwork Details

This information including the Artist's name will be public on the Auction platform
Size in centimetres (cms).
Choose if multiple editions have been printed



Estimate/Guides: Please add a realistic guide range for your artwork. Estimates give the price range you believe your artwork is reasonably likely to sell for. Low Estimate Price - High Estimate Price is your Guide Price range.

Reserves: A Reserve price is the minimum amount you are willing to sell your art for.
The highest bid must be equal to or higher than the reserve price for your art to sell. If you expect a certain minimum sale price for your art, we strongly advise you add a reserve price. Once the auction is underway, we will not be changing reserves due to system restraints. Your Reserve Price must be below the Low Estimate. We advise that your Reserve Price is 50% - 75% of your low estimate/guide price. Reserve Prices will be hidden from all bidders.
NOTE: Please be advised that if you set a reserve price and it is not met, your artwork will not be sold.

Email if you need any clarification on how reserves work
* Estimates/Guide Prices will be shown on the auction page.
* Reserve Prices will be hidden to all bidders. A Reserve price is the minimum amount you are willing to sell your art for. The highest bid must be equal to or higher than the reserve price for your art to sell.

Artwork Images Upload

- Please add a minimum of 1 image, maximum of 4 images
- Image 1 should be your main showcase image
- Each Image should be no more than 3MB
- Try keep your image to max pixel height or width of 1200px
- Please name your files so that they are easily recognisable.    
  e.g. ArtistName-ArtworkTitle-1.jpg, ArtistName-ArtworkTitle-2.jpg and so on.
- File extensions allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png
- It might be advantageous to use Wall Art Visualiser for one submitted image so that the buyer can visualise the piece on a wall. is one tool that offers free options and is easy to use.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 4 files.

Exhibiting Prior to Arthouse

Outhouse will exhibit a limited number of artworks in the centre prior to the Arthouse auction.
NOTE: There is limited space for exhibiting artwork in our centre, and while we would love to showcase every piece from the auction, it will not be possible to do so.

Artist Commission Structure (copy)

As with the previous years running Arthouse, we are offering the option for Artists to receive up to 50% of the hammer price. If you would like to give more, there are a number of other commission options. Thank you so much for your generous donation - we really appreciate it.
* This info is kept private between you and Outhouse.

Packaging & Delivery

Please select a preferred option for packaging and delivery of your artwork to the buyer. You can refer to the Artist Info Sheet for more information. If you wish to handle your own artwork and help us out by posting or delivering your artwork(s) directly to the buyer, that would be ideal. Outhouse has a small postage fund (made possible with the help of a buyer's premium) set aside to cover these costs. We will reimburse the artist for all reasonably incurred costs for delivery. Alternatively, if you wish to drop your artwork into Outhouse, we will package and deliver it, either directly or via courier.