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The Arthouse annual fundraising art auction will be a timed auction with final bids on November 20th and 21st November, 2021.
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Outhouse is delighted to welcome back everybody to Arthouse, our annual fundraising art auction – a timed online auction of Ireland’s well known and upcoming artists. Last year, in 2020, we held our inaugural fundraising event Arthouse and after successfully raising funds to reopen Outhouse once pandemic restrictions lifted, Arthouse will now proceed as the signature fundraising event hosted by Outhouse to raise funds to maintain and enhance the centre as a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community in Dublin and Ireland. 

Arthouse is a live and online contemporary art auction. Arthouse features an eclectic collection of artworks. The collective efforts of both artists, buyers, influencers and anyone who helps spread the news will help make Arthouse a success and will enable Outhouse to support the growing needs of our beautifully diverse community and ensure that every LGBTQIA+ person has a safe space to connect, rejuvenate, celebrate and flourish.

Martin McCann - Protectress

Martin McCann – Protectress

50% / 50%

 Arthouse Online Art Auction will offer the opportunity for all contributing artists to avail of 50% of the hammer price for their respective artworks. Artists have the option to pledge 100% of the hammer price to Outhouse. Our core belief is that we must all rally together and support one another during these precarious times.

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 Arthouse is showcasing a diverse range of affordable and investment artworks. Original paintings, limited edition prints, textiles and other 2D artworks will be represented in Arthouse. Collectable artworks by renowned artists will be offered for auction in addition to many more covetable works.

We were delighted and extremely humbled by the generosity of so many of Ireland’s artists who contributed last year to make the auction a success.
Participating artists included Conor Harrington, Maser, Leah Hewson, Thelma Mansfield, Martin McCann, Francis Fay, Niall Sweeney, John Fitzsimons, Emmalene Blake aka ESTR, Colin Martin, Stephen Brandes, Cian McLoughlin, ACHES, Kieran Crowley, Leah Beggs, Neil Dunne, OIsin Byrne, Eva O’Donovan and so many more amazing artists. 


Outhouse continues to be impacted by the pandemic with over 20 months of closure. While absolutely delighted that we are open, it is only in a limited capacity which will continue to limit the income we can generate.

We hope that the funds raised with your support through Arthouse will not only help Outhouse remain open but also support us to continue to build on the services we provide, and keep making improvements to the reopened centre and to maintain and enhance the centre as a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community in Dublin and Ireland. 

Arthouse Auction Details

Arthouse will be a timed Online Art Auction will take place from:
Final bids starting at 3pm on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November, 2021

  • The auction will start to close bidding from 3pm on Saturday 20th November & Sunday 21st November, 2021
  • The auction will be launched a few weeks in advance of final bids (to be announced later).
  • Although the timed auction starts to close at 3pm, it will take 1 minute per lot to close from the first lot onwards. You can bid right up until the final lot closes.
  • To avoid disappointment should you choose to bid on artworks:
    • *Register early
    • *You may not be verified to bid if you register on the day of the auction(s).

Please get in touch if  you have any queries regarding submitting an artwork, 50% payment, registering to bid etc. please contact:

Important Information Regarding Artworks

 The Outhouse team will keep in regular contact with all contributing artists & liaise with you directly on this.

All image files provided by you are the image files being used for publication on Outhouse and should best represent your artwork(s).

All artworks will feature in our marketing campaign. We have a strong online marketing campaign planned, with every artist, their respective artwork(s) and website being featured.

Please see the below info on image requirements. (Outhouse cannot facilitate the photography of artworks currently.)

Thank you!

  • Minimum of 1 image and Maximum of 4 image files can be attached
  • No weird file names ie: €, $, (, ), +, ~, #, @, ^, !, “, ‘, |
  • File Dimensions: Minimum width 1000 pixels or minimum height 1000 pixels
  • File Types: png, jpg (jpg,jpeg,jfif,jpe) and tiff (tiff or tif)