Arthouse is a 2 Day Auction with final bids happening on
DAY 1 – NOV 19 & DAY 2 – NOV 20

Arthouse 2022

Colin Martin – IKEA IV

Outhouse is delighted to welcome back everybody to Arthouse, our annual fundraising art auction – a timed online auction of Ireland’s well known and upcoming artists.

The auction this year is accessible on a professional auction platform also through a downloadable App, running on both Apple and android devices.

For the last two years, Outhouse has held the annual fundraising event Arthouse and successfully raised funds to reopen the centre.

Arthouse is now the signature fundraising event hosted by Outhouse to raise funds to maintain and enhance the centre as a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community in Dublin and Ireland.

Your donations and fundraising efforts will enable Outhouse to support the growing needs of our beautifully diverse community and ensure that every LGBTQIA+ person has a safe space to connect, rejuvenate, celebrate and flourish.

50% / 50%

Arthouse Online Art Auction will offer the opportunity for all contributing artists to avail of 50% of the hammer price (and other commission options) for their respective artworks. Artists have the option to pledge 100% of the hammer price to Outhouse. Our core belief is that we must all rally together and support one another during these precarious times.

Arthouse is showcasing a diverse range of affordable and investment artworks. Original paintings, limited edition prints, textiles and other 2D artworks will be represented in Arthouse. Collectable artworks by renowned artists will be offered for auction in addition to many more covetable works.

We were delighted and extremely humbled by the generosity of so many of Ireland’s artists who contributed last year to make the auction a success.


Tom Climent - Glory Box Print
Cian McLoughlin
Yoka Akino
Neil Dunne

 AKAConfirmed artists include:

Adrian Reynolds
Adrienne Boyle
Aidan Kelly
Aisling Drennan
Alan Phelan
Alastair Keady
Alison Pilkington
Andrej Getman
Andrew Folan
Andrew Manson
Andy Mc
Angy Treacy
Anna Duffy
Anne Martin Walsh
Anthony Carey
Aoife Shanahan
Attracta Manson
Barbara McCarthy
Bennie Reilly
Blaise Smith
Brian Giles AKA sonofafoxx
Brian Teeling
Bronagh Lee
Camilla Fanning
Carmel Marrinan
carol hodder
carolyn walsh
Catherine Ryan
Catherine Taaffe Haughton
Chinedum Muotto
Christina Geoghegan
Christine Kennard
Ciara Bourke
Ciara Gormley
Ciaran Bowen
Ciarna Pham
Clodagh Allen
Colin Martin
Conor Horgan
Cormac Ó Leary
Daniel Mc Keon
Danielle Byrne
Dean Breslin
Denise Kehoe
Derbhla Leddy
Derek Fitzpatrick
Derick Smith
Derval Freeman
diaa lagan
Dominique Crowley
Donald Teskey
Duc Pham
Éadaoin Glynn
Eamon Colman
Edina Halo
Edward Parsons
Elisa Capitanio
Ellie Cullen
Emanuele Piccini
Emily Mc Gardle
Emma Hayes
Emma Scully

Emma Stroude
Eva McParland
Eva O’Donovan
Faolán Carey
Francis Fay
Garreth Joyce
Gary Robinson
Georgina Culbert
Geraldine Carton
Gráinne Nagle
Harry Phipps
Hazel Coonagh
Helen Fahey
Helen G Blake
Ida Mitrani
Irene McCabe
Ishmael claxton
James Rooney
Jamille Canano
Jenny Campion
Jess Tobin
Jessie White
Joe Ryan
John Fitzsimons
John Foley
John Graham
John Nolan
John O’Donnell
Jonathan Doonan
Jonathan Hunter
Jordan Tardy
Josie McMorrin
Julianne Guinee
Julie Ann Haines
Kata Kukla
Katarzyna Gajewska
Kate Molloy
Kathrine Geoghegan
Katja Wittmer
Kaye Maahs
kelly wilder
Kian Benson Bailes
Kieran Crowley
Kinse Art
Kyle Sven
Leah Beggs
Leah Hewson
Lee Welch
Liam Breen
Líath Murdiff
Lola Donoghue
Louise Shearer
Lukas Dwan
Mairead deBlaca
Margaret Corcoran
Margo Banks
Maria Atanackovic
Marina Forrestal
Martin Byrne
Martin Dorgan
Martin McCann
Mary A Fitzgerald
Maureen Burke
Maurice Reidy
Megan Burns
Mollie Douthit
Morgan Art
Myra Jago
Nadia Dev
Natasha Conway
Neil Dunne
Niall Leavy
Niamh Flanagan
Nick Munier
Orla Carey
Patricio Cassinoni
Patrick Redmond
Paul Fitters
Paul Hallahan
Paul Murray
Paula Garcia Ibáñez
Peter Bradley
Peter Smyth
Raymond Farrelly
rebecca gleeson
Ria Czerniak-LeBov
Richard Proffitt
Ríonagh McNamara
Roisin Cunningham
ruby walsh
Ruth Egan
Sarah Doyle
Sarah Eva Manson
Sarah Wren Wilson
Sean Cotter
Sean McGuill
Sean Molloy
Serena Caulfield
Serena Kitt
Shane O’Driscoll
Silvio Severino
Siobhán Collins
Siobhan O’Callaghan
sol Robinson
solus Art
Sona Smedkova
Sophia Vigne Welsh
Steffi Kelly
Stéphanie Chéron
Stephanie McLaughlin
Stephen Loughman
Sudhir Shukla
Susan Dolan
Tadhg Ó Ciardha
Tom Climent
Tyler Phillips
Vaida Varnagiene
Val Ali
Van Tran
Viktoria Varga
Yoko Akino
Zsolt Basti


Safe spaces are needed now more than ever due to sustained and extreme violence and hate against the LGBT+ community online and offline.

Your generous donations and fundraising efforts will ensure that every LGBT+ person has a safe space to be themselves, make friends, participate in their community, and thrive. Moreover, the importance of a safe and warm space amid the fear of rising fuel and electricity costs is in our minds, especially for the most vulnerable in our community.

Your generosity will mean those who need a safe, warm, and welcoming place this winter will find an open door, cosy seat, and a cuppa among friends.

 Arthouse Auction Details

Arthouse 2022 is a timed Online Art Auction with final bids starting at 3pm on Saturday 19h and 3pm on Sunday 20th November, 2022

  • The auction will start to close bidding from 3pm on Saturday 19th November & 3pm on Sunday 20th November, 2022
  • The auction is now live
  • Although the timed auction starts to close at 3pm, it will take 1 minute per lot to close from the first lot onwards. You can bid right up until the final lot closes.
  • To avoid disappointment should you choose to bid on artworks:
    • *Register early
    • *You may not be verified to bid if you register on the day of the auction(s).

Please get in touch if  you have any queries regarding submitting an artwork, 50% payment, registering to bid etc. please contact:

Important Information Regarding Artworks

The Outhouse team will keep in regular contact with all contributing artists & liaise with you directly on this.

All image files provided by you are the image files being used for publication on Outhouse and should best represent your artwork(s).

All artworks will feature in our marketing campaign. We have a strong online marketing campaign planned, with every artist, their respective artwork(s) and website being featured.

Please see the below info on image requirements. (Outhouse cannot facilitate the photography of artworks.)

Thank you!

  • Minimum of 1 image and Maximum of 4 image files can be attached
  • No weird file names ie: €, $, (, ), +, ~, #, @, ^, !, “, ‘, |
  • File upload – images should be no more than 2MB.
  • File Types: png, jpg and gif
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