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Interested in partnering with Outhouse? We are proud to partner with corporations by facilitating workshops that work towards creating a more inclusive workplace. Contact our team at to get started.

Why partner with Outhouse?

Corporate partnerships play a vital role in ensuring that our doors remain open to the thousands of people who visit our centre every year. Our corporate champions make a real difference in helping us to provide essential services, connection and support for our communities.

Our areas of focus:

  • Connection - We aspire to create opportunities for inclusion and healthy social connections, lessening isolation and connecting people to community.
  • Community Support - We facilitate services and supports for peer support, personal development, sexual health, safety and wellness, improving the well-being of our communities.
  • Campaigning - We engage in societal activities to advocate for the rights and inclusion of our communities, particularly those of us who are most marginalised.
  • Culture - We embrace and celebrate the arts and culture within our communities, and we strive to spotlight LGBTQ+ history and heritage in Ireland.

Who we've worked with:



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Building Opening Hours
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