Soapbox Sessions 2022 - Saturday June 18th, 1 pm

Soapbox sessions are back! It's part of the Pride Outhouse 2022, a series of events that takes place a week before the Dublin Pride Parade that integrates the Dublin Pride calendar.

The Dublin Lesbian Line (DLL) runs it and, this year brings five speakers to talk about courage. The event is free, and everybody is welcome. GCN will be live streaming the event on their social media channels.

"The theme of this year's Dublin Pride is Courage due to the recent attacks on the community. The sharing of our stories and letting our voices be heard is an act of courage. It is a space to share stories, connect and feel part of the community. " - Niamh Grennan, DLL coordinator.

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Meet the speakers:

Fiadh Hoskin (she/her): a poet, criminal and lesbian.

Val Hourigan (she/they): a non-binary lesbian who has recently returned to Ireland after living in Melbourne for the last 4.5 years. Originally from outside the pale, she is now based in Dublin and is a volunteer for Dublin Lesbian Line. She speaks on the themes of queer identity and same-sex domestic violence.

Izzy Kamikaze (she/her): came out in 1982, which means a thousand years old in lesbian years. She speaks about courage, camaraderie and creative chaos.

Oein DeBhairduin (he/they): an LGBT+ member of the Minceiri (Traveller) community, activist, writer and community educator. He is Chair of the National LGBT+ Traveller and Roma Action Group and a long-term member of several local, regional and national Minceiri support and advocacy groups.

Pradeep Mahadeshwar (he/him): a gay visual artist originally from India and now living in Dublin. He is the founder of Queer Asian Pride Ireland.


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